New Managing Partner of Modulex Hospitality

Modulex Group is pleased to announce the addition of Erik Sørensen to the Modulex team as the Managing Partner of Modulex Hospitality in Barcelona, Spain. Erik brings to Modulex 20+ years of international business experience across multiple sectors, holding several senior management positions throughout his career.

“I’m very excited about getting Erik onboard as a Partner of the Modulex Hospitality team. He has a proven track record and is the perfect person to take this business unit to the next level.” , says Ketil M. Staalesen, CEO & President of Modulex Group.

Erik has worked in several international markets, including European and Arabic countries, Middle East, North American and other African countries. Erik’s ability to manage and problem-solve within these diverse markets make him a great addition to lead the Modulex Hospitality team.

“The creation of Modulex Hospitality in Barcelona allows me to contribute to the Modulex group with all of my previous experience in communication, project management and international business development. As I see it, Modulex is changing so much that we are like a start-up company inside a 50+ year old multinational group. I hope to add continuous value to this organization through my experience, personal commitment and consistent work, while collaborating with the rest of Modulex teams we will achieve efficient growth and global success.” says Erik.

As a multilingual individual, Erik brings adaptability to the team, him and the rest of the hospitality team are ready to assist you with all of your signage needs.

 Welcoming New CEO & President Ketil Mølbach Staalesen