New Director of Operations, Mirco Kürten

Modulex Group is pleased to announce the promotion of Mirco Kürten as Director of Operations for Modulex. Mirco previously joined Modulex in 2017, where he focused his efforts on expanding the partner division’s sales in Germany and on corporate projects for Modulex Europe. In early 2018, the Modulex Group and Mirco started a new business entity eModulex, which Mirco continues to lead.

In his new role, Mirco will now work as Director of Operations, supporting CEO Ketil on various corporate initiatives, such as the EU-rollout of ShopVox, on/offline marketing activities, implemting growth strategies for Europe’s largest markets, and in parallel Mirco will drive the expansion of eModulex.

“The signage industry is huge and hugely fragmented, while the number of industry stakeholders continues to decrease annually. This makes it very interesting for Modulex to strengthen its position as a global player with local expertise, since “the winner takes it all!”. I am excited to continue this journey with the diverse Modulex team members and to be a driving force behind corporate projects and eModulex!” , says Mirco.

eModulex ventures in an existing, fast-moving and highly growing market segment of transactional sales of simple, entry-priced signage products. The aim is to sell Modulex products via existing ecommerce platforms, focusing on the global ‘B2B eProcurement’ market. Within this existing B2B eProcurement market, signage products are a small part and we estimate the current annual global market size to be between $1billion to $6billion for signage products. This highly fragmented ecommerce market is growing fast and with eModulex, we will take a growing share of this huge market!

Mirco and his French/Greek wife Elena are citizens of the world, having worked and lived in various countries in Europe, the USA and Asia. Mirco likes sailing (Laser, Nacra catamarans, etc.) and hiking and actively supports Elena’s work projects in preventive healthcare and natural wellbeing.

 Welcoming New CEO & President Ketil Mølbach Staalesen