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Brand On makes complex brand rollouts easy. With decades of implementation experience behind us, we take care of the practical – enabling designers to focus on the magical. Talk to us. We’re always here if you need advice.

Brand implementation

We work with branding agencies to deliver signage & environmental graphics that precisely meet brand specifications and satisfy local regulations anywhere in the world. You’ll find our work around the globe.

Did you know?

Signage needs to obey local regulations. Understanding the legislation like the ADA policy in the USA and the DDA regulations in the UK is essential.

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Our Process

Our approach starts with your business objectives and ends with a satisfied user. We use a four-step process that delivers on time, on brand, and on budget.

1. Listen

First we start by understanding what you want to achieve, and listen to all your goals. By listening to you it develops into a fast, efficient process that brings the results you want, when you want.

2. Specify

We help branding agencies transfer their creative vision to signage that meets both brand objectives and all local regulations and legislation. We always maintain the design intent and improve the user experience.

3. Engage

We ensure that an organization’s employees are consulted, supportive and informed. Engaging early creates a trouble-free implementation.


4. Deliver

We handle all of the logistics and project management for you – ensuring that everything is implemented exactly as specified.


Our Work

Brand On brings corporate identities to life. Whether you need environmental graphics to communicate your brand message, signage that stays on brand everywhere your organization operates, or a special custom solution – we’re here to help.


140 Sites, 26 Countries, 5 Continents
Exceeded Expectations
The entire global re-brand from start to finish was completed in under six-months, including the removal, replacement, and addition of new branding elements.
Brand Consistency
Global brand standards were met ensuring identical colour, quality, and finish in all locations around the world.

Stora Enso

345 Sites, 39 Countries
Previous Working History
Modulex, which is the Brand On parent company, had implemented a signage solution for Stora Enso 10 years earlier.
Simple and Cost-Effective
The process was made simpler and much more cost effective by keeping the existing rear door signage, therefore only needing to change their dimensions of the front panels.

Micro Focus

90 Sites, 26 Countries, 5 Continents
Our clients have access to live/up-to-date information about their project, available to them at any time from any device, and anywhere around the world.
Communication Simplified
Our multi-lingual team allows us to communicate in local languages and respond from local timezones, when required translation tools are also used.


146 Sites, 55 Countries, 6 Continents  
Phased Process
This major initiative included everything from the exterior of buildings, car parks and entrance areas, to receptions, visitor areas, offices and meeting facilities.
Flexible Sign Family
The application of knowledge gained from detailed site surveys informed the creation of an Alstom ‘sign family’, made for problem-free installation across sites with diverse needs.


International Client, 100s Sites Worldwide, Rebranding Mining Acquisition
Signage Specific to Unique Locations
Our experts visited each mining location to identify the correct signage product to use to meet the needs of the location and its conditions.
Fulfill Communication Needs
Our team uncovered solutions for unique communication needs in distinctive ways, making ourselves available through our global network.


Brand Expression To Match Creative Spirit
Customized solution
Brand On used unique forms and innovative materials to express the research unit’s special position within Nokia, while following specific brand guidelines.
Innovative materials
The outcome was a sign that sparkles and has a deep glow. It has edge, is young and modern, and reflects the attitudes of the research group.

Our Team

Our people tend to have a design background, so we speak your language and understand brands. And, because we’ve worked in implementation for decades, we know what it takes to deliver your brand vision correctly.

Stephen MacKenzie
President of Modulex BrandOn 
Stephen is а multi-talented civilian and military professional with expertise in business planning. Experience in providing focused direction, project oversight, operationaL excellence, brand expansion and management as well as а successful track record in planning and implementation. An effective leader with proven communication skills and а current Secret Security Clearance. In addition to spending many years in the private sector, he is currently in the U.S. Air Force Reserve as а veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and Inherent Resolve. In 2014 he, received his МВА from Drexel University with honors and under two concentra­tions: Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management.
Ketil Molbach Staalesen 
CEO & President of Modulex Americas 
Ketil has been а leader in the development of accounts and key client relationships in the Modulex organization ever since he joined the group back in 2001. Не is native Norwegian, but has lived in а number of countries around the world including Denmark, Germany, Spain, UK and the US. Не is truly а Citizen of the World and has served in an International capacity for many years as the organization’s СЕО. Some of his recent relationships and projects include НОК Architecture, Phillips, Marriott, Hilton, Oracle, Microsoft, Telenor Telecom, Virgin Atlantic and Hydro Norway. Ketil is а flying enthusiast with his own private pilot licence. Не won’t let you think twice if you are prepared to get airborne with Brand On.
Lauren Connor
Vice President of Operations
Since joining Modulex in 2006, Lauren’s role and responsibilties have grown to become the Vice President of Operations for Modulex Americas. As Vice President of Operations, Lauren’s role in projects at Modulex Americas includes managing profitability of resources and materials, ensuring complete client approval and project fulfillment, while maintaining employee satisfaction. Lauren has worked with clients such as Telus, Niagara Health System, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Deloitte, Franklin Templeton, Fairmont and many others. Working closely with the design and implementation teams, she is a problem solver with a goal to always get the project completed on time and within budget.


Contact us to learn more about our brand implementation work. We’re happy to answer any questions about brand rollouts, signage and environmental graphics. We’re always here if you need advice.


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