A Combination of Product and Process

Modulex Americas combines process and product to deliver sign solutions that respond to the needs of your environment and your organization, while managing risk and ensuring the sustainability of your sign program over time.

Our services are informed by over 35 years of direct experience in delivering effective visual communication programs for complex environments.

What is Wayfinding?



Great signage is a function of aesthetic and performance; a result that is achieved through a design process backed with dependable and sustainable products. Our design team consists of graphic and industrial designers, architectural technicians, as well as wayfinding, signage and brand specialists.


We work to understand the necessary information requirements and their interaction within their environment through a programming exercise which identifies key decision points, confirms a family of communicative elements and applies layers of accessibility, safety and regulatory information. The process addresses on and off site information, messaging, brand integration, as well as budgets and schedules.

Planning & Project Management

Sign programs come in all sizes, from single orders to comprehensive sign programs. We provide a proven planning and project management service that brings together research, discussion and assessment to determine the critical path between kick-off and successful implementation.

Estimating & Budgeting

We offer a range of pricing services to fit any need. Whether you require a simple estimate, timely quotation, guaranteed long-term product pricing or a multi-year capital allocation plan, we have a proven track record of providing competitive, predictable and sustainable budget solutions for our clients.



Our approach to fabrication is built to scale, allowing us to efficiently address the manufacturing requirements of the most complex signage programs. We provide solutions for both high-volume, high-efficiency automated production and artisanal handicraft, providing solutions that work at any budget, size or level of complexity.

Site Services & Maintenance

Site review, coordination with external contractors, installation, deficiency review, and close-out are all parts of the overall project plan. Project management staff ensures that the site conditions are ready for signage, and that site access has been coordinated. Once installation is complete it is reviewed and any deficiencies closed out.


What is a Design/Build Process?

We take on the responsibilities of designers and contractors, all under one roof. Starting from the initial design to the estimating phase to physical fabrication and implementation. We are a full-service firm.

The entire project is completed by a single entity. That means the design and construction phases are sped up, and risks are minimized. Working with one contract rather than two institutions separately reduces costs. Our process is unlike traditional delivery methods where design and constructions are separate entities, separate contracts, and separate work.

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