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Brand On makes complex brand rollouts easy. With decades of implementation experience behind us, we take care of the practical – enabling designers to focus on the magical. Talk to us. We’re always here if you need advice.

Brand implementation

We work with branding agencies to deliver signage & environmental graphics that precisely meet brand specifications and satisfy local regulations anywhere in the world. You’ll find our work around the globe.

Did you know?

Signage needs to obey local regulations. Understanding the legislation like the ADA policy in the USA and the DDA regulations in the UK is essential.

Brand understanding

Our people tend to have a design background, so we speak your language and understand brands. And, because we’ve worked in implementation for decades, we know what it takes to deliver your brand vision correctly.

The perfect process

Our approach starts with your business objectives and ends with a satisfied user. We use a four-step process that delivers on time, on budget and on brand.

Project management expertise
Our project management methodology is tried and tested. And we’re always here to advise on local regulations and legislation. That way, you can be sure of trouble-free implementation – even on the largest brand rollouts.
‘Wayfinding’ is the process by which people find their way around spaces. Our wayfinding knowledge means we can tackle all the signage complexities that large organizations face. And then deliver the simplest, most elegant solution.
Global implementation
Nearly five decades of experience, and an international network covering more than 45 countries, provide the international expertise that gives the right results – anywhere in the world. We deliver on budget, on time and on brand.
Did you know?
Intelligent wayfinding reduces the number of signs needed. This means better value for money but also improved clarity, as there’s less clutter
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1. Listen

First we start by understanding what you want to achieve, and listen to all your goals. By listening to you it develops into a fast, efficient process that brings the results you want, when you want.

3. Engage

We ensure that an organization’s employees are consulted, supportive and informed. Engaging early creates a trouble-free implementation.

2. Specify

We help branding agencies transfer their creative vision to signage that meets both brand objectives and all local regulations and legislation. We always maintain the design intent and improve the user experience.

4. Deliver

We handle all of the logistics and project management for you – ensuring that everything is implemented exactly as specified.

Our work

Brand On brings corporate identities to life. Whether you need environmental graphics to communicate your brand message, signage that stays on brand everywhere your organization operates, or a special custom solution – we’re here to help.


Customized solution
Along with Commercial Art, a design agency based in London, Brand On developed a custom signage design for Nokia’s research unit. The desire was for a new design, with a different brand expression that reflected the research unit’s creative spirit. Commercial Art created a solution, which followed the brand guidelines for the Nokia. Brand On used unique forms and innovative materials to express the research unit’s special position within Nokia.
Innovative materials
Brand On developed a composite material of acrylic and Etronit. The result looks like aluminum but was expensive. The layers of materials, each of which was carried out in a different tone of the same color, were combined. The outcome was a sign that sparkles and has a deep glow. It has edge, is young and modern, and reflects the attitudes of the research group.
“It was a great experience working with Brand On in the design development stage. Their account manager understood what we were trying to achieve and put a lot of time and effort into prototyping, and helping us get the results we wanted. We will happily work with Brand On again.”
 Rick Sellars, Creative Director, Commercial Art


Multi-site re-brand
A global leader in power generation, following the purchase of Areva T&D by Alstom, a rebranding process was implemented across six continents. With just eight weeks of preparation time, the Areva sites were de-branded in a single weekend and initial Alstom signage installed.
Phased process
In phase two, the 146 sites in 55 countries were completely rebranded. This major initiative included everything from the exterior of buildings, car parks and entrance areas, to receptions, visitor areas, offices and meeting facilities.
Flexible sign family
The application of knowledge gained from detailed site surveys informed the creation of an Alstom ‘sign family’. This flexible system – comprising everything from building signs and roof signs, to external monoliths, wayfinding signage and posters – made for problem-free installation across sites with diverse needs.
“ The quality of their work is excellent. The project team members are very reactive and always available. Plus, they have one of the highest levels of customer service I’ve come across.”
– Elaine West Senior Manager Internet and Brand Alstom Corporate Communications

Stora Enso

Global re-brand
The Finnish paper manufacturer Stora Enso has offices worldwide. It was a complex task for Stora Enso to rebrand the company globally with a new visual identity, created by the Finnish design agency N2 Marketing. 345 sites in 39 countries were rebranded completely.
Simple and cost-effective
Modulex, which is the Brand On parent company, had implemented a signage solution for Stora Enso 10 years earlier. The rear doors of the indoor signs were not only good as new; they were also flexible and suitable for almost any design. Brand On therefore only needed to change their dimensions of the front panels. It made the process simpler and much more cost effective. In addition, to indoor signs Stora Enso’s new identity was highlighted with custom facade signs and flags.
“Brand On offered professional support and quality results, yet simple and transparent operational models which enabled us to conduct our global signage project effectively and reliably. The project team members were always available, highly customer oriented and operated on 39 different offices worldwide without problems.”
Hanne Kataja


Contact us to learn more about our brand implementation work. We’re happy to answer any questions about brand rollouts, signage and environmental graphics. We’re always here if you need advice.

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